SRH Hochschule in Leipzip

Our Bachelor's programmes

Business, health and IT have never been so diverse and full of prospects. Our modern range of courses at SRH Campus Leipzig has the right Bachelor's programme for every talent. Discover the opportunities and your path to a dream career in the growth market of healthcare, in the field of business or in the constantly growing IT landscape.

Technology, Computer Science & UX Design

If you are interested in study programmes in the fields of technology, computer science and user experience design, our SRH Campus Leipzig is the right place for you. Our Bachelor's programmes offer you the opportunity to expand your technical knowledge and learn practical skills in the areas of programming, data analysis and web development. You will be supported by experienced lecturers. Prepare yourself for an exciting career in the ever-evolving world of technology. We look forward to accompanying you on your educational journey!


How to convince China about a German cheese brand? How is corporate social responsibility and financial management perceived in different cultures? Creating respectful cooperation in diverse teams and building trust virtually with contemporary management strategies.

Modern work, technology, and diverse teams shape the international economy. Our International Business Administration Bachelor's programs transfer traditional business content to the global business world. Explore the complexity of cross-border business activities and the role of cultural differences and values in a company's success.