SRH Hochschule in Leipzip

Study according to the CORE principle

Our competence-oriented study program makes you fit for your future.

You are the center of attention.

Especially in the healthcare sector, social and personal skills play a major role in addition to technical and methodological competencies. In order to promote these crucial areas of competence, the innovative and successful CORE principle of SRH is at the center of your studies: A study model in which everything revolves around just one thing - independent and active learning.

CORE = Competence Oriented Research and Education

With the right coaching to peak performance

We are convinced that only those who enjoy acting and learning on their own responsibility can rise above themselves, acquire knowledge and skills, and take on responsibility in their future careers - for themselves and for others.

We take time for you

  • Our professors, lecturers and staff provide you with intensive support - in terms of subject matter, organization and personal support for independent learning.
  • In the thematic learning blocks, you will deal with practical issues based on the latest research.
  • You will work creatively with other students on case studies, in group presentations and role plays.
  • Continuous performance assessments tailored to learning objectives promote your competence development.
  • Upon completion of your studies, you will be able to immediately enter practice.

Our competences

We have consistently oriented our degree programs toward competencies. This means that you can immediately apply your knowledge in practice after starting your career in the healthcare sector, giving you a decisive competitive advantage over other applicants.

Theory is one thing, practice is another. Right from the start, you learn to reproduce your expertise in a wide variety of practical situations and to link it to existing knowledge. In the process, you will master the relevant technical language.

With us, you will learn to apply strategies and work techniques in the health care sector according to the situation and to adapt them to new situations.

Working in small groups, you'll be team-oriented, keeping an eye on the different professions in the healthcare industry and focusing on the big picture.

Lifelong learning is not just an empty phrase for us. In the healthcare sector in particular, it is crucial to always keep ourselves up to date with the latest knowledge. After all, developments in this field are in constant flux. You will therefore learn to work independently and on your own responsibility, as well as to develop your existing skills responsibly and accurately at all times.

Show us your skills!

Written work
  • Report
  • Casework
  • Learning diary
  • Scientific document
  • Scientific poster
Practical work
  • Teaching sample
  • Moderation
  • oral examination
  • Presentation
  • Internship plan
  • Practical work
  • Portfolio
  • Presentation
  • Role play

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