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Financing opportunities

Your options for financing your dream degree.

How to succeed in your studies

In addition to efficient organization, a goal-oriented course of study also requires a solid financial basis to be able to pay rent, living expenses and tuition fees. There are various financing options, such as BAföG, educational loans or scholarship programs.

Your financing options

Whether you've just got your A-levels in the bag, you're working, you want to develop your skills after serving in the armed forces or you want to join us from abroad - this is how you can finance your dream degree and become a healthcare thinker of tomorrow!

The following options can help you to concentrate fully on your studies.

Depending on their length of service, soldiers are entitled to support for vocational training in public or private educational institutions, e.g. in the form of a course of study. The amount of funding depends on the length of your service. Take advantage of the counseling services offered by the Berufsförderungsdienst der Bundeswehr, which can approve a grant for you up to 6 years after the end of your service.

Further financing options: